Why Buying a New-Construction Home is a Smart Investment

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Shopping for a new home is always exciting. If this is your first home, you’ll probably spend a lot of your free time researching real estate terms, neighborhoods, mortgage loans, and much more. After all, a home is no small investment, and if you’ve never applied for a mortgage or bought a home before, there’s a lot to learn. One of the questions that may come up as you’re doing your research will be “is investing in new construction homes worth it?” Fortunately, we’ve got some good news for you: The answer is yes. What’s more, you may want to start off with a new-construction home in a place that offers master-planned community safety and convenience.

You’ve probably got a lot more questions about this topic, and that’s okay. We’ve got the answers for you right here:

What is a new construction home?

It’s just what it sounds like. A new construction home is one that is newly built, and you’ll be the first person to live there. Not all new construction homes are the same. You may purchase a plot of land and contract with builders to complete a home to your specifications, or you may buy a newly completed home in a master-planned community that is move-in-ready but has not yet been occupied.

Is there a reduced maintenance cost?

That’s a question without a simple answer. When you buy a newer home, the price tag is probably a bit higher up front, but you’ll have less work to do in the immediate future. Plus, most new construction homes from reputable builders come with home warranties that offer additional protection.

What about location?

Generally speaking, new homes are usually built in new communities. This means that you can expect to reap all the benefits that come with the community that you choose. If you buy in a master-planned community, those benefits are even greater. Master-planned communities offer unique amenities, lifestyle opportunities, and more, including on-site schools and convenient access to shopping and entertainment. Plus, master-planned communities are generally run by HOAs that help to preserve the value of the property, meaning that homes there tend to show a return on investment over time. The appeal doesn’t end there. Master-planned community safety includes everything from well-lit sidewalks to traffic planning to exclusive spaces for use by community residents.

How about market fluctuations and the economy?

Buying a home is pretty much always a good investment. Owning your own home is a great way to grow wealth, but not all homes are created equal. A recent survey published by the New Home Trends Institute and reported on by John Burns Real Estate Consulting found that 95% of homeowners expect new construction homes in master-planned communities to hold their value as well as or better than other homes, even in the event of a market downturn.

Is buying a new home worth it?

The answer is yes. Investing in new construction homes brings with it a variety of added benefits that can’t be understated, especially if you’re buying a new home in a master-planned community that offers safety, amenities, fun, stability, opportunities, and excitement for you and your whole family.

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