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Social Fitness, Happiness and the Benefits of a Community Lifestyle Coordinator

What makes us most happy in life? A decades-long study of adult development performed by the Harvard Medical School sheds some light on this. Surprisingly, the most important factor in a happy life is not a rewarding career, a good income, or even a healthy diet and exercise. The Harvard study found a strong association between happiness and close relationships, such as relationships with family, friends, and social circles. Although personal or financial fitness is always beneficial, this “social fitness” maybe even more beneficial to your overall feelings of happiness.


What is social fitness and how is it developed?

Social fitness is often defined as one’s ability to participate in productive personal relationships and the ability to utilize resources within one’s environment and social circles. In other words, your ability to participate in lifestyle events with family, friends, and members of your community helps you grow and develop your social fitness. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a full-time lifestyle coordinator to help you find lifestyle events to participate in to help develop your social fitness and overall quality of life? The good news is a lifestyle coordinator is available in The Highlands, located near Houston, Texas!

Given what we now know, the next logical question might be, what kind of social events does a lifestyle coordinator plan for residents of a community that is fortunate enough to have one on site? Here at The Highlands, our lifestyle coordinator plans tons of events throughout the year, such as sunset yoga classes, holiday events, outdoor gatherings and parties, classes, demonstrations, sporting events, concerts, community picnics, health and wellness events, and so many other engaging activities. We are able to include events geared towards all our residents at The Highlands, such as family-friendly focused, adult-specific, and even events geared towards our active adult residents! The events schedule and the events themselves are available to community residents, and all members of the community are encouraged to participate, have fun, get to know their neighbors a bit better, grow their social network, and live well.

Planned Community Lifestyle Coordinator - Claudia
Claudia Rivas
Lifestyle Coordinator

At The Highlands, our hard-working lifestyle coordinator is Claudia Rivas, and her full-time, on-site job is to make our lives shine a little brighter every week. She fills the community events calendar with classes, activities, gatherings, and social events meant to help improve our social fitness and our community as a whole. We are so happy to have Samantha here to put the style in lifestyle for our fast-growing community!

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